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Parade: Every Tuesday Night Sept to June, 18:45-21:00 hrs.

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The Cadet Program is a national program for young Canadians aged 12 to 18, one of the largest federally sponsored youth programs in Canada. The program provides amazing opportunities to learn about our country and its history, meet new friends locally and nationally, and gain new experiences.


The Army Cadet Program promotes values such as integrity, loyalty, respect, courage, and community service. These values form the foundation of the program and guide cadets in their conduct and interactions.

Dress and Insignia

Cadets wear a uniform similar to that of the Canadian Army, with distinctive elements identifying them as cadets. These may include badges, patches, rank insignia, and headdress specific to the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.


The Army Cadet Program offers leadership development opportunities, allowing cadets to take on positions of responsibility within their units. This helps them develop valuable leadership and organizational skills.

take a path with a purpose

be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Cadets are encouraged to become active, responsible members of their communities. They make valuable contributions to Canadian society on a daily basis in terms of environmental citizenship and community activities. Cadets also learn valuable life and work skills such as teamwork, leadership and citizenship.

Chestermere Cadets | 3125 Calgary Highlanders Army Cadets


What We Offer

Cadets are not members of the Canadian Armed Forces, nor are they expected to join the military. While they are introduced to Sea, Army and/or Air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces and certain traditions, they are also introduced to many other respectable career choices that are available to them. The Army Cadet Program focus on expedition, fitness, outdoor survival, teamwork, marksmanship and various other challenges.

Chestermere Cadets | Training


The Army Cadet Program provides training in various subjects such as map reading, navigation, first aid, survival skills, radio communications, military history, and citizenship education. Cadets have the opportunity to advance through different levels of proficiency and earn qualifications.

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A wide range of activities designed to foster personal development and skill acquisition are offered in this program. Cadets participate in military training, physical fitness activities, outdoor expeditions, marksmanship training, drill and ceremonial activities, leadership development, community service, and more.

Chestermere Cadets | 3125 Calgary Highlanders Army Cadets Leadership


The distinctive aspect of the Army Cadet Program lies in its incorporation of Highlanders’ ethos, which includes an emphasis on honor, courage, and loyalty. This program not only equips young individuals with practical leadership skills but also instills in them a strong sense of duty, selflessness, and the desire to help their communities and country.


103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles) Established.


Re-designated as The Calgary Highlanders and Adopted kilted Highland dress.


The 3125 Calgary Highlanders Corp was formed as one of 4 cadet corps associated with the Calgary Highlanders Regiment.

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Blog 3125 provides an insightful look into the 3125 Calgary Highlanders Cadet Corps Program. By offering a glimpse into the cadets’ training activities, community service projects, and personal growth experiences, the blog showcases how the program shapes young individuals into responsible and confident leaders.

4 Cadet Corps are associated with the Calgary Highlanders Regiment

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Are you ready for an extraordinary journey of personal growth and leadership development? Look no further than the 3125 Calgary Highlanders Cadet program! Apply today and take the first step towards a brighter and more promising future.

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